A downloadable game for Windows

Created for the GameMaker's Toolkit 2017 Game Jam.

Your ship has been destroyed and your space suit is running on emergency power, meaning that your weapon is powered by splitting oxygen from your air supply.

Which idiot designed this thing again?

Use your weapon to maneuver in zero-G with the left mouse button.
Use powerful charged shots to speed around the map by holding the left mouse button.
Grip onto surfaces with right click to launch yourself with left click.
Hold left mouse while gripping to power up a ram attack.
Be careful not to hit the edges of the arena.
Conserve your shots to conserve your air.
Avoid the drones hungry for energy, the more air you have the faster they'll spawn...
Press R to restart.
Get the highest score you can!


note: for the best experience, run in 800x600 windowed mode


  • Design: Tom Harley and Duncan Bowyer
  • Programming: Tom Harley
  • Art: Duncan Bowyer
  • Name: Laras Yuniarto

Sound Effects all from freesound.org:

  • Charge Shot by Glitchedtones
  • Damage by MusicLegends
  • Enemy Death by MusicLegends
  • Gun Charge by junggle
  • Laser Shot by THE_bizniss
  • Push Off Noise by Davidsraba
  • Rammer Impact by broumbroum
  • Background Music by MrPork


breathing-space.zip 18 MB

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